Leavers Class

Leavers Update - January 2020

January we have been very busy. We are coming to the end of the another SRC course. We have all had another enjoyable time learning many new skills in Practical Food Service, Customer Care and Vehicle Servicing. January has also been our Well Being Month and we have enjoyed taking time to look after ourselves a little bit more. Our IEP work has continued and all pupils have been working super hard at meeting their own targets. Young Enterprise work has also been ongoing as we aim for the Rushmere Trade Fair at the beginning of February.

Leavers Update - November 2019

November has been a busy month. We ae getting to grips with all our accreditation work both in school and at the SRC. We are beginning our second module in the SRC this month. Each week in class we have been making and tasting our healthy meals as part of our Princes’ Trust accreditation. We celebrated another 18th this month in class. We have also been busy little Christmas Elves preparing the Young Enterprise Crafts for our Christmas Catalogue being released soon. Watch this space!!

Leavers Update - October 2019

We have had another busy month in Leavers’. We ae getting to grips with all our accreditation work both in school and at the SRC. We do love our cookery lessons in Leavers’ and are looking forward to making our healthy meals as part of our Princes’ Trust accreditation. A real highlight has been our Football sessions with IFA. We celebrated another 18th this month in class. We hope everyone has a lovely Halloween break.

Leavers Update - September 2019

And here we are at the start of another school year and what a busy year it is going to be!

We have already started our modules in the SRC and are working on our CCEA accreditations, here in school and in St Patrick’s.

Work is underway to get our Donard Diner up and running again. We are looking forward to cooking up breakfasts for all the pupils and staff!

This year we have the responsibility of organising the Inter Schools Formal. This is the highlight of our school year and we are already thinking of ideas for our theme.

And don’t’ forget to look out for our catalogue - our Christmas elves will be busy getting things made to sell for our Young Enterprise company.

Leavers Class Update - May 2019

Is May over already?! We looked forward to this month all year, for obvious reasons, and just like that it’s over!

We were busy this month in our preparation for Disney and the Big Fun Week.

As Leavers, we have lots of accreditations to complete so we have been busy putting the finishing touches to our portfolios.

Look out for our photos of the formal on the school website!

Leavers' Class Update - March 2019

Such a busy month March has been! We’ve celebrated Pancake Tuesday, St Patrick’s Day and World Book Day. We’ve taken part in a Zumbathon and said ‘Farewell’ to our esteemed member of staff Miss Campbell.

In class we’ve been looking at our emotions, with a focus on our communication skills and working together as a team.

We’ve continued work on Gathering Drums and Kelly Fits Steps. It is great to see their skills in these areas develop. The pupils continue to take part in their modules in the SRC.

And of course we’ve been kept busy counting the 2ps for Disney - it won’t be long now!

Leavers' Class Update - February 2019

We can’t believe how fast the school year is going. We finished our second module in the SRC and can’t wait to get started on our new courses.

We went to Rushmere and took part in the Interschool Cross Border Trade Fair. We had a really successful morning. Our profit for the year for Christmas and Rushmere was £276.25.

We used some of this to treat ourselves to a celebration lunch and banked the rest. Look out for exciting new things for our Young Enterprise company in the new school year.

Leavers' Class Update - January 2019

We've had a busy start to the New Year.

The pupils from Leavers’ Class have been engaged in their SRC courses. It’s hard to believe the second modules are coming to an end. The pupils have been working hard to complete their practical tasks and we are delighted with their progress. There’s still a bit of book work to complete and then we’ll all be ready for our third choices.

The Donard Diner continues to do well and we’ve had great feedback from our customers. They really look forward to visiting us.

Our Young Enterprise team is also getting ready for the annual trade fair in Rushmere - hopefully we’ll make a good profit on the day!

Leavers' Class Update - December 2018

Pupils in Leavers’ have been busy creating lots of beautiful Christmas craft for their gift bags, as well as for their Young Enterprise. They have had a great run of sales, with many items selling out within a matter of days.

We enjoyed two visits to the SRC Banbridge campus - the Open Day and the Annual Tea Dance. It was great to meet up with our old friends.

We have been enjoying our second module in the SRC Newry, getting to grips with saws, hair brushes and copper pipes. The pupils have been busy learning lots of new skills.
A huge congratulations to the Leavers’ pupils for their participation in the Christmas Carol Service - the hard work paid off and the morning was a huge success.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

Leavers' Class Update - November 2018

What a great morning we enjoyed in the Belmont Hotel, at the Banbridge Festival - well done to all who took part!

Pupils in Leavers’ Class have finished their first module in the SRC. To end their module, the Drama Production group put on a short play which was very well received by the pupils of Rathore and Donard. Already they have been trying new skills in Blow Drying Hair, Plumbing and Making a Storage Unit in Woodwork.

Pupils have continued to excel themselves in our Donard Diner venture and now that the training programme is finished we are beginning to make some money. We hope to be able to treat ourselves with our ‘profits’ later on in the year.

We enjoyed a great afternoon at the SSE Arena, watching the Ice Hockey. A great afternoon of entertainment was provided by Yale University and Union College.

Leavers' Class Update - October 2018

Leavers’ Class have been busy completing accreditations in the SRC, in St Patrick’s and in Donard School.

We enjoyed a visit from Mickey and Minnie to launch our fund raising campaign to Disney.

Our café venture is turning out to be a huge success. We have had visits from the pupils in Class 5 and Class 6. They have filled in our evaluation forms and said we are doing really well.

Pupils from Senior School are joining together on Friday mornings for a shared break. This is a great social occasion and it is lovely to see the interactions at the table.

Leavers Class Update - September 2018

What a big change we have had in Leavers’ Class this year. We are delighted to welcome four new friends to our class and look forward to lots of exciting things to do over the coming year.

We have spent some time getting to know each other. We have shared our likes and dislikes and looked at our personal strengths.

Our days are very busy with lots of different activities going on. We have a group going to STEP (a transition programme), a group attending St Patrick’s to do History and Home Economics accreditations. We’ve also returned to the SRC, where we have been busy with our new courses - Drama, Basic Fast Fit and Painting and Decorating.
We also celebrated a boy’s 19th birthday in class!

We are looking forward to a great year of fun times and happy memories!