Class 8

Class 8 Update - June 2018

We can’t believe how quickly this month has gone! We have been enjoying the sun and have been busy with our ‘Summer Time’ topic.

We’ve enjoyed sensory play with blue jelly, water and sand.

We’ve been working on lots of Summer themed art. We have used lots of painting tools. One pupil loved using summer fruits to create his picture and was fantastic at copying a pattern.

We have enjoyed sensory cookery and have tasted lots of summer fruits. One of the favourites this month was our fruit smoothie! We have had a busy month practicing or Sports Day. We really enjoyed ball games and are fantastic at catching!

We wish two of our pupils all the best for next year in LinenBridge - We will miss them here at Donard!

Class 8 Update - March 2018

In class 8 we have been welcoming Spring in and hoping that the good weather will follow soon!!!

We all enjoyed decorating our shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day and the Juice and Jive party.

We have been making Easter buns and painting with carrots.

We made a lovely Spring display of cherry blossom trees, rainbows and daffodils.

The boys have been enjoying Story bags each afternoon.

Class 8 Update - January 2018

Class 8 have been experiencing new cookery techniques, we have made different pizzas and are now onto soups. Our topic is fruit and vegetables so we have been painting with vegetables.

Tiarnan and Morgan are enjoying the Drumming Workshop.

We made sensory bottles with different colours and glitter inside.

The boys have had great fun at the sensory mornings, this has included our sensory story going on a bear hunt.

We celebrated Robbie Burns by tasting Tatties, Haggis and Turnip. We also enjoyed looking at the kilts and sporran. We did sensory music and tac pac with the fluffy drumsticks. Morgan and Tiarnan are also hard at work with Young Enterprise.

Class 8 November 2017 Update

The boys enjoyed a sensory morning with class 7 in the assembly hall. The theme was ‘The Circus comes to Town’. One of our pupils was 19 in November. We celebrated with his cake in senior class. We are displaying our Winter Art. Look at our lovely blue themed pictures. We enjoyed practicing our ball skills with our target ball game. We love our golden time on Fridays when we walk to the vending machine for our treats.

Class 8 - September 2017 update

Welcome to Class 8. We have had a great start to the new school year. In class 8 we have Conor, Morgan and Tiarnan. Morgan celebrated his 19th birthday on the 6th September and enjoyed cake and treats with the leavers class. Morgan has also been working hard in class at his Autumn Art.

Tiarnan has been busy with jobs around school. Tiarnan enjoys tidying and putting things away, So he is head of Laundry in class 8.

The three boys enjoyed gardening and we planted flowers. They are working hard with tasks but having fun at the same time.

We are all enjoying our Tac Pacs, Sensory Stories and the ‘Circus’ topic.

Class 8 May 2016 Update

Class 8 went on a summer sensory adventure walk around the school, finished off with ice cream in class.

Class 8 joined with Class 9 to have a sensory workshop outside, then Class 9 treated us to hotdogs and ice cream.

We received a thank you card from Class 9, because they enjoyed spending time with our class!

A few photos of some of our many activities in Class 8 in the past month.

Class 8 April 2016 Gallery

Class 8 always enjoy food tasting and sampling. We decided to try out fresh spring herbs and fruits.

Our new topic work theme is ‘Famous Artists’. We managed to get some practice before making our portraits.

The class members used theirs fingers and four colours to create their portraits, which produced good results.

Every table needs cleaned sometime, here they are cleaned, placemats set and meal choices made using photos.

A few photos of some of our many activities in Class 8 in the past month.

Class 8 February 2016 Update

Class 8 have been practicing some tasks that require good co-operation and self skills.

We took part in a clay and ceramics session. Here we are making our clay tiles which will be decorated soon.

We celebrated one special young man’s 18th birthday in class by ordering a lunch, with buns and cake of course!

We took part in the sensory sensations days. We really enjoyed interacting with the activities.