Class 8

Class 8 Update - January 2020

Class 8 are loving their new topic of ‘Sensory Celebrations’. So far we have celebrated a kite festival a lantern festival and a flower festival. We are working on pouring for measure and we have started to treat ourselves to a lovely foot spa each week. The light up balloons were a big hit with everyone for our Lantern Festival. Chinese New Year is up next.

Class 8 Update - March 2019

The pupils in Class 8 have taken part in a wide variety of tasks of a practical nature this month. Activities have involved being both in and outside of the classroom. Our class particularly enjoyed the sensory and therapy work shown in our photographs.

There has been good progress made with jobs such as using the trolley to make a delivery and collecting the laundry.

Class 8 Update - February 2019

In Class 8 we enjoyed socialising for a birthday party. We also tried out the OT swing and enjoyed it. Class 8 are also enjoying Golden Time and have a leavers pupil comes every Friday for snacks and videos. We are really enjoying our independent walks and our latest is to push the trolley to the senior end of school for gardening.

We have loved having music therapist in to work with us.

Class 8 Update - January 2019

Class 8 have been working on completing functional tasks in class and around the school. We have been getting ‘hands on’ with making our own break, toasting bread and making juice.

We have been taking part in sensory circuits and sensory walks. We are working more independently in our tidy up task.

We have shown great engagement in our learning and are settling into school routine. We have been following schedules and are enjoying lots of new activities. One of us has particularly liked music and parachute games.

Class 8 Update - December 2018

Class 8 have been enjoying and exploring seasonal tastes and smells this month.
We have particularly enjoyed sensory cookery and trying the results. We had a trip to Jumpboxx, where we tried out some of the smaller trampolines, we had a great time!
He has really enjoyed stories in the sensory area.
We have also produced some great winter art as well.
Class 8 wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Class 8 Update - November 2018

Conor has been enjoying some great experiences outside of school and working hard at some familiar activities in school. He has been particularly keen on sensory work over the past month; he likes to get ‘hands on’ he did this during Attention Autism and Music Therapy sessions. He has also demonstrated that he can tidy up and wash up. Conor had an excellent session at Jumpboxx, where he tried the many varied trampolines. He thoroughly enjoyed this visit and will return soon.

Class 8 Update - October 2018

I have been out and about in school this month, I have enjoyed exploring new interesting objects, textures and equipment. I loved the feel of the autumn leaves in the playground and I even helped water the plants in the garden area using the hose. I welcomed some visitors into my class this month – some in the form of Disney characters and also Neal the music therapist who I love to interact with. I have been using the senior multisensory room in school and my favourite piece of equipment is the bubble tube. I celebrated my 15th birthday this month and I enjoyed a selection of treats and had some of my friends come to help me celebrate.

Class 8 Update - September 2018

We have been taking part in a wide range of hands on activities during September. We have particularly enjoyed taking part in sensory work, especially those involving interesting textures and materials. We have also been displaying excellent engagement during work sessions, such as posting, art, music and Attention Autism. There are also times for enjoyment and relaxation. We particularly liked interactions with sensory equipment such as the brushing box and using the OMI floor projector. We have had a busy and well-focused start to the year.