Class 5

Class 5 Update - January 2020

A very busy month for our little learners. In numeracy we have been continuing with counting and making sets and have started time - sequencing how to do things. During literacy time we have been reading lovely books, doing lots of fine motor tasks and writing activities. This term our topics are Winter and Celebrations. We have done lots of winter art and been exploring and experiencing a Chinese New Year. Everyone has loved it. In cookery we made hot chocolate and smores and had a Chinese buffet. The children have loved our Attention Autism sessions and been so focussed and engaged.

Class 5 Update - November 2019

Another very busy month for our pupils. In numeracy we have been counting and making sets, sorting coins and counting pennies. In literacy we have been working on our pincer grasp through lots of fine motor tasks and pre-writing activities. We sequenced the story of ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ and completed lots of work during ‘Nursery Rhyme Week’. In World Around Us we have been learning about the different parts of a house, the rooms and what goes into them. In art we are looking at the work of famous artists and have recreated these through drip painting, concentric circles and dot painting. Two of our pupils also celebrated their 7th birthdays.

Class 5 Update - October 2019

Everyone has been a busy bee this month. Pupils have been enjoying lots of Autumn and Harvest table top activities - art, cookery and fine motor tasks. In numeracy we have been sequencing numbers and making sets with an autumn theme. In World Around Us we were learning about Autumn and Harvest and experienced an indoor sensory Autumn walk. Everyone enjoyed helping to make apple crumble and then tasting different Harvest fruits and vegetables in cookery. In Art we then used the fruit and vegetables for printing. We created patterns by rolling conkers in orange, red, yellow and brown paint.

Class 5 Update - September 2019

Welcome back to another year. The pupils have all settled into their new surroundings and getting back into routine.

We have been carrying out assessments this month alongside fine motor tasks, sensory play and listening games. The pupils have enjoyed art activities and cookery sessions. We have just started our new topic ’Houses, homes and materials’.

Class 5 Update - March 2019

March has been really busy with lots of fun activities taking place. Everyone enjoyed our pancake making and sensory play. World Book Day was a great success, and we loved having some of the older pupils in to read to us. We also read to some of our younger friends. We wore green for St. Patrick’s day and made a lovely craft. We have been learning about the season of Spring. We have completed beautiful art work for our wall display, enjoyed lots of different activity based learning and made bird’s nests in cookery. In maths we started work on measure. Continuing with our transport theme we completed a floating and sinking activity. We also celebrated two birthdays this month.

Class 5 Update - February 2019

This month we have been busy learning about vehicles on land and sea. We have discussed, painted and completed work related to them. We thoroughly enjoyed completing a traffic and car colour survey. We investigated the importance of wearing bright clothes at night. In cookery we have made chocolate cars, trains, traffic lights and jelly boats. The pupils did lots of valentine activity based learning - counting and making sets with hearts, number recognition, fine motor tasks & threading.

We have completed our work on money and have enjoyed reading and word/sentence building work.

Class 5 Update - January 2019

We have been learning and exploring through the topic of ‘Winter’. We made hot chocolate and s’mores in cookery and they went down a treat!! We made patterns using shaving foam, shades of blue paint and glitter. We also used various textures to create winter clothes and played with arctic animals and ice in the water tray. In Literacy, we continued with our reading, but also completed lots of winter fine motor tasks. We counted buttons for snowmen, pompoms for penguins and used money in the shop.

Class 5 Update - November 2018

Another very busy month for our pupils. In Numeracy, we have been learning about time and sequencing our day and how to make toast. We have also done some data handling work - and made a pictogram to show our favourite characters. In Literacy, we have been retelling, sequencing and acting out the fairy-tales ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’ and ‘The 3 Little Pigs’. In World Around Us, we were learning about the properties of materials and sorting items that were hot/cold or hard/soft. In Art, we created bear faces using a fork, big, middle-sized and small mosaic bowls for the bears, the little pigs house from tetra packs and blow panting. This month in Cookery, we made bear toast, porridge with different toppings, pigs in blankets and piggy biscuits.