Class 13

Class 13 Update - January 2020

The pupils in class 13 don’t even realise how much Maths, English and ICT they are learning—They just think they’re having fun! This month they have learned how to time travel with ‘Age Booth’ app on the iPad. Many are making their own books about projects of their choice, they’ve planned and cooked themselves a healthy meal. They’ve even learned how to divide a packet of crackers evenly amongst the group – it’s amazing how much they have learned just by doing things they love!

Class 13 Update - November 2019

Non-stop learning in class 13 this month! Congratulations to everyone who had the nerve to perform in Banbridge Speech and Drama Festival - They worked hard to learn their poems and recited them with confidence in front of a BIG audience.

Fabulous independent shopping skills from some of our boys this month. I watched them from afar and their problems solving skills were a joy to see.

Two of our pupils started to attend the STEP programme - A Personal Development Programme to help them get ready for life after school. They love it!

Lots of research and learning going on too for the Prince’s Trust Accreditation - Preparing for a Healthy Active Lifestyle!

Class 13 Update - October 2019

We welcome a new pupil to our class. Everyone is making him feel really welcome. Pupils in Class 13 have got in to the swings of things now. They are all working hard towards their accreditations both at SRC and in school - How to be a Waiter, Making Decorations and Gardening are big hits at ‘Tech’. In school the young people have been learning about ‘Healthy Active Lifestyles’ and ‘Making Targets and Working to Meet Them’.

The weather has been kind to us each week and the class always look forward to Football with Mal each Thursday. I love watching their skills develop!