Class 12

Class 12 Update - January 2020

Class 12 have had another great month. They have been doing lots of money work as we launched our new Senior School Tuck Shop a few weeks ago. One of the main drivers for starting the Tuck Shop was to offer our pupils the opportunity to practice money skills in a functional and meaningful way. We have our accountant and stock-takers, as well as pupils who serve customers in the shop. Of course all of Class 12 act as quality control—especially for the chocolate! We are finding that this initiate is already proving to be very worthwhile.

Pupils have also been learning new skills through the topic of Winter. I think by the end of it the pupils will be very glad they live here and not in the Arctic with the Intuits. Pupils have had the opportunity to be scientists and to carry out a range of experiments using ice. If you have an icy path just ask Class 12 and they will tell you how to melt it!

We also had a birthday this month A big 15!

Class 12 Update - November 2019

Class 12 are continuing to work towards achieving their targets set in the IEPs. We have been making our own sandwiches by following checklists with a minimum of staff support and showing great independence skills. Through our topic of materials we have completed activities about paper and even experimented by making our own paper. We all did extremely well in the Banbridge Festival - reciting our poems and singing /signing as part of the school choir. Getting up onto the stage was an achievement in itself and we are proud of everyone for doing this. Class 12 have enjoyed some sensory activities...the messier the better!! We have started practicing our for our Christmas Show…..we won’t spoil the surprise and give away our ideas but everyone is enjoying their roles and rehearsals are well underway. It will be a show not to be missed!!

Class 12 Update - October 2019

We have had a super October in Class 12. We have been completing lots of activities that we could be doing to help out at home, such as putting a pillow in a pillow case, using a calculator and setting the table. Through HE we have been making the most out of our beautiful harvested crops and made an apple crumble and a root vegetable soup. The pupils all tried both dishes and wanted seconds of the did the staff!! Class 12 have enjoyed going fishing this month and continuing to complete the ‘Donard Mile’ each day. Class 12 have walked 8 miles in total since we have started this new programme-what an amazing achievement. We hope that you all have a fun-filled Halloween break.

Class 12 Update - September 2019

A new year, some new pupils and lots of new staff- 2019 is a year full of new things for Class 12! In spite of all this the pupils have settled well and have made the transition to Senior School for the new staff so much easier. The past 3 weeks have been very busy with assessment and getting to know each other. We will have a high focus on developing useful, functional life skills in Class 12 so the pupils have been working to show off their existing skills and the staff have been closely observing them to see where we will need to do a little bit more work—we want to develop young people with initiative and independence.

The Staff in Class 12 are already agreed that our Class is the best Class in the School!

Class 12 Update - June 2019

Another busy month in Class 12. We completed our CCEA Life Skills Shopping Accreditation. We have been using the self-service checkouts independently and asking the staff for help finding an item.

We have also looked at Fair trade and designed our own Fair Trade chocolate bars. We had such a wide variety of designs.

A huge well done to everyone in Class 12 as they all received a certificate at Prize Giving, and especially to our two pupils who received individual cups and medals.

We also took part in the Toilet Twinning Sponsored Walk—Thank you for your support with this.

Class 12 Update - May 2019

May was another busy month in Class 12. We finished up in the SRC this month and were delighted with all our students at the SRC Awards Presentations. Two pupils won Best in Subject Awards.

Some pupils participated in the Inter-schools swimming gala in Armagh Leisure Centre. We are proud of all our swimmers.

At the end of May everyone enjoyed a Big Fun Week whether in Disney or in Donard. Smiles all round!

Class 12 Update - April 2019

Class 12 have had a very busy April. We have had much to celebrate. The choir took part in the Newry Feis and really did the school proud. We also enjoyed the Food Festival organised by Classes 9&11. We presented a Hanukah table with potato pancakes and donuts. We all enjoyed tasting lots of new and exciting foods. Senior school celebrated Easter together with egg decorating, an Easter DVD, a Wee Easter Dance and some egg rolling in Solitude Park.

Class 12 Update - March 2019

We have had another busy month is Class 12. We enjoyed Green day for St. Patrick’s with a shared break in the senior corridor. A real highlight of our week has been drumming sessions with the Gathering Drum. Our rhythms have being getting better each week.

We have also had another lovely opportunity of taking some dance workshops with Kelly. We have all learnt a lot of new moves and laughed a lot together.

World Book Day was another success. Quite a lot of our pupils embraced the event and dressed up! The day was packed with fun literacy activities.

Class 12 and Leavers attended an interschool's Zumbathon organised for senior pupils. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all and everyone looked great in their bright colours.
To end the month we celebrated another class birthday.

Class 12 Update - February 2019

Class 12 had a very busy February preparing for the Young Enterprise Trade Fair at Rushmere along with the Leavers class. As a team we were very proud of all the products we had made. On the day of the Fair every pupil from Class 12 attended and had an opportunity to sell our lovely products. There was even a little bit of healthy competition between the selling teams! To celebrate our success, we had a Friar Tucks for lunch before half term.

We also enjoyed a lovely joint break for Valentines and Disco with all of Senior School.

We are looking forward to starting our new SRC modules and learning more new skills. Donard Diner continues to be a great success. It is a highlight for both visiting pupils to the café and our serving team of pupils.

Let the hard work continue in Class 12!

Class 12 Update - December 2018

Class 12 have had a busy December. We organised as a class, the ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ for ‘Save the Children’ and collected as a whole school £175! Thank you for everyone's support. As part of ‘Christmas Jumper Day,’ we ran a ‘Design your own Christmas Jumper’ Competition and a boy from Class 4 won the Junior Prize and a boy in Class 11 won the Senior Prize. Well done boys! We hope everyone has a very Happy Christmas!

Class 12 Update - November 2018

Class 12 have had a busy time this month. Some of the highlights this month include;

Fishing— on Friday afternoons we have enjoyed going to the local angling club and learning a new skill.

SRC Newry– each week at SRC we are learning new and practical life skills. We have started our new courses and improving each week.

Donard Diner— Class 12 and Leavers class have joined together to run a café for our peers in school. We have learnt about all the roles involved in running a café.

Festival– Everyone in Class 12 did an amazing job at the festival saying their poems and singing in the choir.

Class 12 Update - October 2018

In Class 12, we have had a busy month. Some of our highlights this month are;

Fishing— on Friday afternoons we enjoyed going to the local angling club and learning a new skill.

Our new clubs– On a Wednesday afternoon, we are enjoying joining up with senior school to attend a range of different clubs.

SRC Newry– each week at SRC we are learning new and practical life skills. We are continuing with our courses and improving each week.

Donard Diner— Class 12 and Leavers class have joined together to run a café for our peers in school. We have learnt about all the roles involved in running a café which we have found very enjoyable.

Class 12 Update - September 2018

Class 12 have had a great first month back at school. We have all enjoyed getting to know the new pupils who have moved into our class and making new friendships. A couple of highlights this month have been:

Our Friday Cookery- potato and leek soup was a big favourite in Class 12.

SRC Newry- for some members of Class 12 this has been a new experience and they are thoroughly enjoying it. A great opportunity for everyone.