Class 10 Update - October 2019

Class 10 have had a ‘roarring’ October! We took part in the Dinosaur Maths Challenge. We went on a dinosaur trail finding jigsaw pieces. We made 2D and 3D dinosaur models including our very own ‘Jurassic Park.’ We sorted dinosaurs into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores in a Venn diagram. We also drew and measured a T-Rex footprint and compared it to the size of our own feet. We have started our new topic ‘Materials’ and have been sorting items into natural and manmade, including their properties. We have been learning about the wood and glass industry and all the products that can be made from them. In art, we made dream catchers using a variety of materials. We have also been learning about the artist Kandinsky and his work. We created our own autumn trees in his style. A productive month!